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I’d like to bring the Tumblr left in on a really big secret.

You can be a woman and appose abortion

You can be a woman and be a conservative.

You can be gay and be a conservative,

You can be black, Jewish, Hispanic, etc and be a conservative.

You can be a high school or college aged young adult and be a conservative.

You can be ANYONE and still be a conservative and believe in conservative values. The Conservative movement is not splattered and solely populated by white old men.

And here’s a fun fact, when a woman conservative does make the floor like say…Michelle Bachman she gets attacked for her views and for being a woman. So how can you say you respect women when you really only care about the women who share your views?

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    First off I meant being comfortable with the concept of gay not the person. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clearly...
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    Hey, girl, hey, I’m back. Jewish politics…my whole family is comprised of conservative Republicans, except for my...
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    FUCKING THIS. My family is mestizo from El Salvador and the other half are Mexican-Brasilian-Punjabi Jews and all of...
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    This is actually a really valid debate, and I’m really impressed by the eloquence shown by both of you. I WILL start by...
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    Lets not forget Bill Maher calling two conservative female positions cu*** and nothing happened to him.
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