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scorpionprick-deactivated201408 asked:

Aww I'm so sorry for your loss :( But yeah... I understand why liberals want all of these free things because it sounds great in theory! It really does. But that's just not the way a country can thrive. The citizens of America just need to get back to the old ways of accepting that yes, you do have to work hard for your money. I'm not an adult yet but I know I'll feel much better about my life if I EARN the privilege to own insurance, property, what have you rather than the govt. paying for it.

I applaud you my dear. It is so enlightening to see young people with a true understanding of these things.

The other aspect of this that people have chosen to forget or disregard old way because they are old. These liberals call themselves progressive which is fine, but not everything  that is old is bad. By that standards is democracy then bad too? What about the constitution?

Apparently being progressive means ignoring and downright hating everything that is an old way of thinking. Shame. But kudos to you. You seem like a brilliant and bright youth.

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