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Hamas is lying to you, again!

This photo was taken in 2013 in Syria, not in Gaza.

Help us share the truth.

Fake Facebook post on “Stop Israel War Crimes in Gaza”:

Original “Daliy Mail” report from Syria:


Anonymous asked:

I was really hardcore liberal lefty before this conflict. I was all about stopping islamophobia and preaching that everyone should be peace and happiness. I was so fucking ignorant. I have found that I really identify with conservative values in the wake of Israel invading Gaza. it has really opened my eyes that we don't live in the world that liberals think we do. We don't like in a world where everyone respects each other and wants to get along.


On a serious note, thank you for sharing your story. If you have questions about specific conservative values or just resources where you can read up on issues I would be more than happy to assist you in anyway I can. 


Anonymous asked:

Are you Israeli?

I have many Israeli relatives, but I myself am not Israeli. I’m Jewish with American and (unfortunately) Russian citizenship which I cannot get rid off, as I don’t have the money. 

soulofshechem asked:

Wanna know what I hate? People who say after Israel is gone that the middle east will be filled with peace. Oh bullshit! All lies! They'll continue to kill each other like they did in the stone ages! They don't even like themselves. Ugh! Pissed off!

Well DUH! It’ll just mean they’ll have to find someone else. Its not like Turkey will magically become BFF’s with the Kurds, or the Sunni and the Shia are going to start signing campfire songs together, or Assad is going to stop being a vicious dictator. 

All it means is that Israel will be gone so they’ll turn their attention to America or each other or someone else they can blame all their troubles on. I bet you anything though if G-d forbid Israel is ever gone. The Arabs will turn what’s left into the desert it was before we returned there. 


Anonymous asked:

What was the cause of this genocide?

You mean the Armenian genocide? Because that’s the only genocide I’ve mentioned other than the Shoah. 

The Armenian genocide was a slaughter of Christian Armenians in Turkey in 1915. They essentially expelled and massacred them. I read an account where a girl’s father was nailed to a cross. They killed about 1.5 million Armenians out of the 2 million that lived in the Ottoman Empire. 

 The Armenians, as reports thrived under the Ottoman Empire and became very wealthy and successful even more so than the Turkish. So resentment is always a good motive. As is the fact that the Ottoman Empire and Russia were on opposite sides of WWI and they thought they would show more loyalty to a Christian nation than the crumbling Ottoman Empire. 

You can read more here 

femme-and-furious said:

 "A fence to keep terrorists out" Are they just supposed to let them in?

Yup. because Jews are not allowed to defend themselves. We’re supposed to just step aside and let the terrorist sin to kill our children. 

tahlenri said: Seriously. It infuriates me. People are born in prisons and die in those same prisons in NK—just for voicing against the gov, but Israel, who gives full rights to all her citizens, be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish or so on —no, they are evil.

Yup, Israel is the most evil country in the world with its breast cancer treatment technology, its schools and universities, and new breakthroughs in technology and agriculture,etc. Damn those free countries. 

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